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“My philosophy as a teacher is about helping you develop the kind of skills that unlock your true talent.”

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Independence/ Coordination
Timekeeping Skills
Phrasing and Fills
Finger Control
Wrist Control
Bass Drum Control
Inner-Dynamic Mix
Expanding Your Vocabulary
Personal Drumming Goals
...and more
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It takes a certain kind of patience, dedication, and emotional steadiness to reach greatness and fulfill your potential. Patience for self-development, dedication to craft mastery, and the steadiness of temperament to bring it all together with integrity and grit. I have spent most of my life making those investments through diligent study with those who possessed the skills I wished to attain.

I have been teaching drums for the past 35 years, and I’ve had the privilege of teaching some of the world’s most successful young drummers today. Throughout my career I have enjoyed helping multitudes of drummers grow in their craft. I’ve taught thousands of students in person, and conducted countless drum clinics and master classes around the world.

Now, for the first time, I’m added another modality to my offerings: Skype sessions!

Where online lessons may have once been ineffective and too emotionally distant, now Skype and other online platforms have become mainstream, and whatever level you’re at, I can help you take it to the next level.

I’ve always felt that becoming more proficient on the drums was a metaphor for life. Finding our true rhythm, being in tune and in sync with ourselves and those around us, harnessing our inner force and creating a powerful whole out of many parts.

Drum Lessons

Plans: Payment plans available.

FREE 15-minute talk to discover what is best for you.

1 hour lesson



Individual One Hour Lesson
$125 per lesson
1 hour lessons

$450/1 month


4 weekly lessons
1 month $450
$50 discount for 1-month package
1 hour lessons

$900/2 months


8 weekly lessons
2 months: $900
$100 discount for 2-month package
1 hour lessons

$1350/3 months


12 weekly lessons
3 months $1350
$150 discount for 3-month package
1 hour lessons

$2700/6 months


24 weekly lessons
6 months $2700
$300 discount for 6-month package

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